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Field 9: itemexempt (optional)

This entry allows an item to be sales tax-exempt, shipping exempt, or quantity exempt, etc.

If the product is not to be taxed, simply include the code "Tax" meaning tax exempt. The same may be done with "Shipping", etc.

If you need to enable more then one of the exempt options simply separate them by a colon.

See a list of available options in the table below.

Tax ExemptTax
Change the tax rate from your default settings for this product. This will allow you to have a different tax rate than listed in your Current Tax Rates.

Shipping ExemptShipping
Use this if you have a product that cannot be sold in certain locations.

Creates a special product. This product will automatically create a gift certificate for later use within the cart. Gift certificates should also be labeled TAX and SHIPPING exempt.
Quantity cannot be modified in any way.Quantity
The quantity cannot be set higher than X.Max=X
The quantity cannot be set lower than X.Min=X
Changes how handling is charged.
It will now only charge the handling fee once, and NOT per item.
Tax and Shipping exempt.Tax:Shipping
If a shopper has a valid Tax ID, and you still need to charge that person tax for this item, enter this into your add button code.NoTaxID
If you have set XXX Products To Be Purchased On Backorder to "Allow" or "Automatically Add" then you can use this phrase to turn off the backorder ability for a product.Backorder
Allows your to setup a Vendor code so that you can print your packing slips out for each individual vendor. X is simply a number from 1-255.Vendor=X
Allows you to specify an alternate Company Logo image to be displayed in the shopping cart.

The image must exist in the Upload Custom Images tool.
Allows BuyDRM as your ESD DRM provider. BuyDRM must have the product part number on file so the cart can retrieve a "coupon" from BuyDRM.BuyDRM
Allows you to process your eBay auction payments automatically.

AID is your eBay auction ID.
TID is your eBay transaction ID.
The ability to group items together so that their quantity is adjusted at the same time.

In this example all products with the matching "abc" tag will be grouped together so that their quantities match.
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