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I keep seeing the error "CompanyFile does not match."

QuickBooks is probably open and using a different company file. Close that company file and open the correct company file to resolve this problem. If you have renamed your company file then you will need to re-download the QuickBooks Web Connector config file so that the cart will accept the new name.

Here is how you reset the shopping cart to accept your new company file. Please note only do this if you are absolutely certain that you have the correct company file open in QuickBooks.
  1. Login
  2. Order History
  3. Download My Orders
  4. Choose "QuickBooks Web Connector"
  5. Click "Download File"
  6. When asked to save the file click "Cancel"
  7. The cart has reset and will allow any company file to connect. Open the QuickBooks Web Connector and try to connect again.
Once you re-connect with the QuickBooks Web Connector we will store your new company file name and limit all access unless you repeat these steps again.
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