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QuickBooks Web Connector

The QuickBooks Web Connector will automatically import new orders into QuickBooks.

How to Install & Configure
  1. Download [] the web connector
  2. Double click on the installer to install the web connector
  3. Make sure that QuickBooks is running and has your company file opened
  4. Login to the shopping cart administration
  5. Click on "Download My Orders" under "Order History"
  6. Select the "QuickBooks Web Connector" download type and then click the "Download" button to configure the Web Connector
  7. The Web Connector will then ask your permission to install our config file, click "OK"
  8. QuickBooks will then ask for your permission to allow the cart to connect. Select "Yes, always" and click "Continue". You may also need to click "Done"
  9. The Web Connector is now installed and running in the windows "notification area" (usually located in the bottom right of your computer). Double click on the Web Connector and enter your shopping cart password into the space provided.

Congratulations you have now installed and configured your QuickBooks connection. QuickBooks will automatically be updated every 60 minutes with any new orders.


There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks PaymentMethod "MasterCard" in the SalesReceipt.

I keep seeing the error "Could not start QuickBooks."

I keep seeing the error "CompanyFile does not match."

A modal dialog box is showing in the QuickBooks user interface.

QuickBooks - ERROR: Unique OwnerID/FileID pair value required
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