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QuickBooks - ERROR: Unique OwnerID/FileID pair value required

You should be using the latest version of the Web Connector []

This error is usually caused by moving your QuickBooks file to a new computer. There is a bug in QBWC that will prevent you from re-configuring the Web Connector without removing the configuration from your old computer. If you have already moved your file without removing the QBWC integration then download this tool to remove the bad OwnerID and FileID from your QB company file.

IMPORTANT: QuickBooks recommends that you backup your file before following these instructions.

Instruction for removing a duplicate OwnerID
  1. Download and install the QBWC_Installer []
  2. Launch QBWC_CP3Tool
  3. Press "Select File" and locate QWC file having problems
      The default location for your QWC file should be one of the following:
       C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks
       C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks
      Note: This location varies based on the version of QuickBooks you have installed. If your file is not located in one of the above places then please contact your systems administrator for assistance.
  4. Press Remove Stamp
  5. The tool will tell you if the Owner ID was successfully removed
  6. Close the removal tool
  7. Try to reinstall the QWC file